Munda Biddi Trail Ride 2006



The general level of maintenance of the trail is excellent, full marks to the folks at CALM and their many helpers! Several shelters were taken out by fire and rebuilt, and fires had been through other parts, but the trail seems to have been fixed up quickly.

This is especially true for the trail markers, which are frequent and generally well-visible. The combination of yellow signposts at the roadside and reflective markers nailed to trees ensures sufficient redundancy to reasonably survive fires and vandals.

Nevertheless, some people (including us ;-) manage to lose the track occasionally. Reasons are:

All in all, the trail is very well signposted. While several people complained about lack of signs in the registration books, we suspect that they, like us in the beginning, hadn't learned to read the trail. After making similar complains initially, we later realised that the trail was really marked as well as feasible.


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