Riding the Munda Biddi from South to North

  1. More interesting

    To the East of Pemberton the trail is mostly on (unsealed) roads, while the more interesting parts are definitely further North, with lots of single track, narrow, former roads, and former railway corridors. So, when starting from the North you're likely to go from “This is great!” to “This is boring!” Going the other way you go from “This is nice” to “This is awesome!”

  2. Build your fitness

    The harder parts are mostly in the North, while East of Pemberton is mostly easy riding. Going North gives you the opportunity to build your strength and stamina before tacking the tough bits.

  3. Acclimatise (if riding in summer)

    The Southern part is normally reasonably cool, even in summer, so you get to acclimatise as you go North to the hotter regions.

  4. Logistics

    You and your bikes need to get to or from the Southern Terminus at Albany. Your starting date is much easier to predict than the finishing date, so organise transport around that.

  5. Supplies

    There are more and bigger towns along the Southern part, with bigger supermarkets featuring a wide selection of food. This gives you time to work out what you really need and develop a better feel for what you can get on the way (particularly important for people with significant dietary restrictions).

Why do the Munda Biddi from North to South?

No idea, we haven't found any convincing reasons. So, why are most people going the other way? Lack of planning? Most likely because people follow what is put in front of them and the trail was designed from North to South (including the natural sequence of the maps).

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