My Teaching

Operating systems and related systems issues

This is the present focus of my teaching. There are currently three relevant courses being offered in the School, I am teaching all three of them:
red balls COMP3231/COMP9201 Operating Systems
This is an introduction to operating systems concepts and techniques. The course aims to give all students a solid foundation in systems issues while providing challenges for the keen students which will hopefully create a desire to learn more.
red balls COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems
This course was first offered in 1997. It provides an in-depth coverage of operating systems concepts and implementation issues. A number of current research issues in operatings systems are examined. The subject is heavily project-based; students develop their own operating system based on the L4 microkernel

The subject uses the Advanced Systems Teaching (ASysT) Lab, which has been set up specifically to support this subject (and similar ones in the future). It features locally developed computing nodes based on MIPS R4700 64-bit CPUs running L4.

red balls COMP9243 Distributed Systems
This course was first offered in 2000. It provides a detailed coverage of distributed systems, with a particular emphasis on operating systems issues.
red balls COMP9930 Readings in Computer Science & Engineering
This course was first offered in 2000 as a readings course for new PhD students. My version of this course, naturally, focuses on the Computer Systems area.

Out of this came my list of student Heroes of Operating Systems at UNSW.

Past teaching

In the past I have also been teaching all or parts of the following courses:

Student supervision

I am also supervising several postgraduate and undergraduate student projects
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