My reseach interests:

My research interests fall into two fields:

Operating Systems and Distributed Systems

Presently, my activities in this field are mostly focussed on the Mungi project, which is developing a single-address-space operating system (SASOS).

The present implementation of Mungi is based on the L4 microkernel which we have implemented from scratch on the MIPS R4600 architecture.

L4 also forms the basis for a number of other operating systems projects in the areas of embedded systems, ubiquitous computing and high-performance user-level device drivers.

Other projects aim at improving the performance of Linux on several architectures, in particular IA-64 and StrongARM.

Numerical Modelling of Silicon Solar Cells

This project aims at improving the understanding of silicon solar cells by numerically modelling their internal operation. This can then lead to identification of the dominant loss mechanisms, resulting in improved designs and, eventually, improved efficiencies or reduced manufacturing cost.

My particular interests are in improving modelling techniques and improving the physical models used in the simulation tools.

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