Advanced Operating Systems Alumni Prize

This prize, valued A$2000, is donated by IBM Advanced Development Labs Canberra (better known as OzLabs). It is awarded annually to the best student(s) in advanced level operating systems courses at UNSW. Presently the qualifying courses are Performance in other OS-related activities, in particular, final-year theses, are also taken into consideration.

The winners so far are:

2010 (COMP9242)
Anna Lyons
2009 (COMP9242)
Rupert Shuttleworth
2008 (COMP9242/9243)
Prashant Varanasi
2007 (COMP9242/9243)
Josh Matthews
2006 (COMP9242/9243)
Clarence Dang
2005 (COMP9242/9243)
David Greenaway

Until 2005, the prize was known as the Aurema Operating Systems Prize, donated by Sydney company Aurema Pty Ltd, now part of Citrix. The winners of the Aurema Prize were:
2004 (COMP9242/9243)
Geoff Lee
2003 (COMP9242 only)
Philip Derrin
2002 (COMP9242 only)
Andrew Baumann
2001 (COMP9242/9243)
Matthew Chapman
2000 (COMP9242/9243)
Antony Edwards
1999 (COMP9242 only)
John Dagliesh
1998 (COMP9242 only)
Luke Deller and Emmanuel Galanos (joint winners)

See also Gernot's Operating Systems Hall of Fame.

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