Jatbula Trail Walk 2005/6

Waterfalls and Cascades

On Day 1: Falls at Northern Rockhole

NorthernRockhole NorthernRockhole Northern Rockhole Northern Rockhole NorthernRockhole ...and as seen from our first night's camp:

On Day 2: Biddlecombe Cascades

Biddlecombe Biddlecombe

More Cascades after Biddlecombe


The "mighty" Waterfall (name not known)

Crystal Crystal

On Day 3: More Waterfalls (unnamed) near Crystal Falls

Fall Fall Fall

Crystal Falls

Fall Fall
...and the crossing at the top of the waterfall. Fall

On Day 4: Waterfall at Seven Mile Creek Crossing

We got our first look at the waterfall as we approach it mid afternoon:

7MileXFall First, Gernot's view.

7MileXFall Next, Russel's.

7MileXFall Then, Stuey's.

7MileXFall 7MileXFall Checking it out late afternoon from the other side of the falls.

7MileXFall 7MileXFall Finally, enjoying the cascades at the top.

On Day 5: Cascade at Channels Waterhole

Channels The wet season transformed this meagre waterhole into a fledgling cascade.

On Day 6: Cascades Upstream from Edith Falls

EdithCasc Cascades half a day upstream from Edith Falls.

On Day 7, our last day: Edith Falls

EdithCasc EdithCasc The Cascades above Edith Falls.

EdithFalls EdithFalls The magnificent view of the Grand Edith Falls.

EdithFalls And at the bottom of Edith Falls, small falls and a large pool.

Our Last Day's Extra Special: Falls in Litchfield Park


Trudy & Gernot

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