Jatbula Trail Walk 2005/6

Aboriginal Art Along The Way

At an outcrop near Crystal Falls

Art_3G1 Art3_R1 Art3_R2 Art3_R3

The Art Gallery at the Amphitheatre

The main gallery Art4_R1 Art4_R2

Gernot's impressions Art4_G1 Art4_G2 Art4_G3 Art4_G4 Art4_G5 Art4_G6 Art4_G7 Art4_G8

Russel's impression: Art4_R3 Art4_R4 Art4_R5 Art4_R6 Art4_R7 Art4_R8 Art4_R9 Art4_R10 Art4_R11 Art4_R12 Art4_R13 Art4_R14 Art4_R15 Art4_R16 Art4_R17

Trudy & Gernot

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